Since exam periods are times for general musings and big, mindblowing realizations, I figure it was time to hear from you guys.

Please tell me: Why do you blog?

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Erm... honestly, I created an LJ so that I could comment on others' LJs.

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Well, it's as good a reason as any, I guess. I made one so I could read my flatmate's blog. But haven't the reason changed after a while?

or do you still just have a blog to comment the rest of us?

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Because I love books, litterature and stuff related to it. Hence the blog. I chose to blog in Norwegian, as I feel more free when it comes to write to topics like that.

My blog is here:

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I blog for a few reasons.

I blog in the hope that this electronic journal will be found and give others an idea of what this time and place were like, at least from my perspective.

I blog to see if my friends feel the same way I do about events, and ideas.

I blog to keep in touch with those far away. We can discuss things in ways that phones calls and Instant messages can not.

I even used to try and write fiction for a little while, but I never could seem to post any of it.

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Re: I blog for a few reasons.

I like your posts. They're always serious and meaningful. I blog to get the gratification of comments and to give people an idea of what my life is like.

And I like the idea of reading my blog after 15 years when I can't remember all that's happened and just get an impression of past-me.

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Re: I blog for a few reasons.

I do that now with stuff I wrote a few years ago, and it takes me back to that time, for better or worse.

P.S. I think you do a good job at giving people an impression of what your life is like. That's one of the best parts of your journal.

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Mine's a diary. I try to be as honest as I can. This leads to some cringeworthy moments looking back, but what is written is genuinely what I felt at the time.

I've had mine for several years now, and both the frequency and quality of my blogging has varied considerably. Stretches of silence also have meaning, I guess. They usually mean there's too much going on to have time, or too little going on to write about (or both, as in my case)

Sometimes it's useful to sit down and structure your thoughts on a subject which preoccupies you, or just vent, or record interesting bits of trivia you see.

It is also a useful way of keeping rough tabs on what people are up to, and to a certain extent allow them to keep up with you. You are empowered to share what you are comfortable with. If something is bugging me for instance, I wouldn't put it up on Facebook, but I might make a friends-locked entry. Doesn't mean I need feedback, but just the though that maybe someone I have chosen to allow access to has seen it. Vent, in other words.

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I get you. I, narcissist that I am, love going back and reading my old blog posts. It's interesting to see how what I remember from for instance 2005 differs from what I've written down. Both scary and nice to think that in 15 years I'll probably only remember what I've written...

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I live for analyzes. it is (for me) the only way to go. You have to think and review and ask and think some more, and so writing about stuff makes it easier to do just that. To go back and and look at how I felt and try to figure out why.

And then I combines that with my need to share my thoughts with my friends, I wish I had the time to actually write everyone letters, in hand writing about everything and nothing, but I don't, and no one would answer.
So I'm stuck with bloging, the modern worlds answer to the beautiful art of letter writing. It is like you are all my penpals.

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I'm glad you don't write me letters. I'd be feeling bad constantly for not answering and half-heartedly answering maybe one of five. After a while you'd stop writing and I'd know it was because I didn't answer and we would no longer stay in touch.

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because some times I need to say something or else I feel like I'll explode. And I need to say it in a fora where people will read it, without it actually meaning anything to them.

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because sometimes I shouldn't say it to the people it concerns, and because sometimes it's just utter bollocks and nonsense that are monetary and will probably not be true after a couple of days.



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