I slept very well tonight, despite disturbingly hentaiesque dreams of sex at the bottom of the ocean with the Sea King (who was your dad, [livejournal.com profile] 45hasle) and an orgy in the bathroom of a post office in Tokyo, so I don't know why I would be so clumsy today. But I am.

It started with me ripping my pantyhose as I was trying to put it on. After I got another pantyhose I started breaking my makeup by dropping it on the floor so I gave up on makeup. Slightly late, I jumped on the tram and bought coffee at Kaffebrenneriet close to my work. Cue: the breaking of 2 coffee lids before I got one to fit. Then I nearly spilled coffee all over myself when I tried to answer the phone, and again when I tried to carefully set it down on the ground while unlocking the door to work.

Noticing that the store was filthy, I realized that I had to vacuum (even though we've hired someone to do that for us, who never seems to show up). I never thought it'd be possible to dismantle a piece of equipment in so many different ways. It kept falling apart. In the end I had to carry it with me in one arm and vacuum with the other and even then I was on the brink of tearing down merchandise continuously. Then, when I sat down by the computer, I felt my pantyhose rip. I'm now wearing a crotchless pantyhose. Oh, and I stained my skirt.

Despite all this, I'm having a great day. Don't ask me why...



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