Every time I'm on the treadmill or the eliptical thingie I feel like shit. Usually I'm bored to tears after about 2.5minutes and I feel like a complete failure with no stamina, sweating all over the place. So, today, instead of listening to music, I decided to watch television (since our gym caters to lazy asses like myself and therefore provides entertainment for your workouts). So I watched a program called "The world's biggest loser" or something like that, about two teams of overweight women fighting to lose the most weight in a set amount of time.

It was perfect. There I was, sweating my ass off, but at least I know I'm able to run and have quit smoking unlike those poor losers who were getting excellent advice and still weren't able to pull off any major weightloss. I looked at those women crying on the tv screen and I immediately felt better about me. In Norway we have a saying: Egen lykke er bra, men andres ulykke er heller ikke å forakte (rougly translated: Your own happiness is good, but the misfortune of others should not be scorned either). I live by that saying.



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