( Mar. 24th, 2009 10:24 pm)
I pride myself in being open to change, to new possibilities. With that in mind I decided to read all the political pampflets this year instead of just voting for Sosialistisk Venstreparti (the Socialist Left party) as I always do.* And loh and behold, on my doorstep, as if by miracle (or because I moved in with the son of a rightwinged man) Høyre ("Right" as in as opposed to "Left", not as in "Correct") rang our doorbell with a pampflett. So I read it. With an open mind, I'd think.

But already on page one I was in trouble. You see, they said they'd put the country back on track by reducing taxes and increasing spending on schools and police. So if they're going to get less income, where are they taking the funds for the schools and police force from? It didn't say. That is what I'd like to know before I vote for somebody.

By voting for Socialist Left for instance, I know they want increased spending on public goods and that they will finance it through increased tax incomes. They're open about that and if you disagree with it, you vote for somebody else. But this "getting more while paying less"-attitude is bullshit, and I hope we all know it by now, after all Høyre has been in power several times before and so far it's always meant less money for something (like hospitals, schools and public transportation).

*For you non-natives, in Norway we have a variety of political parties, not just two big ones with tiny powerless ones on the side like in Great Britain or the US.



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