( Dec. 1st, 2007 04:03 pm)
And it was awesome! :D

We were home at about half past four, I slept the daylight away today and is still not sure where my cellphone is. Hopefully no one has tried to contact me today.

Now, I'm gonna try and muster the courage to actually clean the apartment before I go over to [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin's. I think where're going to have a "girls night in" tonight. With fangirl squeeing and (hopefully) chocolate cake (if I can find the recipe and actually have all the ingredients and can be bothered to bake after cleaning the apartment. Seriously guys, this place looks like it's already been rummaged through by Mr Croup and Mr. Vandemaar looking for something important.)

Also, here are some pics from my travels in the US! I figured, now that we're closing in on christmas and I've yet to post them this will be as good a time as any.

pictures! )
Ever have one of those weeks where you've been looking forward to wearing your awesome outfit the whole week (see icon) and dreamed of how much fun the weekend was going to be after you dress up in said outfit and then realize when Friday's finally here that you're really just tired enough that you sorta wished it was Thursday so you could stay in?

We who live in one of the worlds most awesome cities have a right, nay; an obligation to go out and do legendary stuff (or at least try, fail and get drunk instead).

And yet I feel so tired after the first week of finals that I want to curl up on the couch with a glass of whisky and a nice movie instead.

But I will not fail you Oslo. I will be there tonight. And it will rock!
We went out and celebrated Eivind's birthday yesterday, and it was a smashing party to tell you the truth. I was home at 10 o'clock this morning, and the balloons are still hanging on the walls. Today I've done almost nothing of importance and it's been all good.

Also, apparently I'm absolutely awesome:

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

( Nov. 11th, 2007 02:32 pm)
I wasn't going out yesterday because usually, if I go out without [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin, something bad happens. But since Eivind decided to succumb to peer pressure I caved and went out. And it was really nice! We had a few beers and talked to strangers. Too bad someone didn't wanna give me candy to get me to get in a car. I could have used a ride home. I even gave away my number to someone I didn't go home with, and he texted me the same night. Is that sweet or what?

Today I've tried and failed to do some reading. Now, I'm going to write a little bit but basically, I'm going to relax.

Good weekend.

This icon is called "wageslaves". It speaks for itself.
This weekend rocked. On Friday I ended up at one of my colleagues’ house watching chick-flicks and talking about guys. I love that girl…

Then, on Saturday me, Marthe and June went to the movies and saw Music and Lyrics before we went out and got cocktails. Awesome!

And on Sunday, I watched the end of Supernatural ses 2. Is still reeling from the experience…do not have words. Was so awesome! Sigh…I cried, I yelled at the screen, I cant’ wait till season 3. So, does anyone know when it’s due?

On a different note, I need to see some films: "Grindhouse", "Death proof", "Captivity" and "Hostell". These are movies in a new genre called "Torture porn", apparently, and are supposed to be demeaning to women. The woman who wrote about them, Wenke Mülheisen, also mention Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez as iconic figures in this genre and, as they are two of my favourite film makers, I'd like to prove her wrong. To do so, however, I need to watch these films and discuss them from a feminist perspective. So anyone who likes me, feminism and/or ultra-violence, please come see them with me? I promise to supply the movies and cheese doodles...

This icon is called: Dean "chicken wing"
( May. 7th, 2007 11:55 am)
I had a great weekend. On friday I got drunk at [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalins place. We watched Party Monster and ate Indian food. It was good. My friend from Bergen, Guri, came lateish and I got drunker than I thought.

On Saturday we went out and drank pitchers of beer at Maiden. Me and Guri ran out to parliament, climbed the lion and kissed each other on his back for all of Oslo to see. Then we danced to the street drummers tune, first with each other and then with strange men who I think was trying to flirt with us even though we didn't really let them. In the end we went home together.

On Sunday I had coffee with my parents, watched obscene amounts of movies with [livejournal.com profile] sortkatt and [livejournal.com profile] 45hasle and said goodbye to Guri who went back to Bergen.

All in all, a very good weekend.

This icon is called "Carnivale tree of life"
I went out into the world of men again this weekend. That is, I went to two great parties. I had great fun, and yet I can't help but have this little lump in my tummy telling me that somehow I was mean on Saturday yes, my lump can talk. I don't care if normal lumps don't talk, if you don't believe me watch the Meaty McMeat show. See there's talking lumps in that! The important question then becomes: was I? Mean that is. Should I be apologizing to any of you guys?

My substitute at work (that's right, the substitutes substitute) has gotten sick. I'm starting to believe that this position is in fact cursed, leading to different types of colds. But it's sunny outside, and tomorrow we're grilling in the park by my place. Anyone who wants to show up are of course welcome! Bring your own food and alcohol!

In other news, I'll finally answer dm_hpcrazy's questions )

This icon is called: "caprica" because it's a screen-cap of Caprica 6 from bsg.

girliememe )
I loved the last episode of BSG! Totally awesome. Too bad we have to wait till October for more BSG goodness. But I've started watching Eureka in the meantime. Sounds fun.

Hmmm...Martine is posting about tv-shows, what does that mean? It means I'm bored. Bored.Bored.Bored. I want to run around in the nice weather, not sit inside feeling tired and coughy. But enough complaining. Anyone wanna come visit this Saturday? I'm gonna go watch the game (West Ham is playing again), but I'll be totally bored and not at all out on the town on Saturday night. Someone wanna pig out on my couch and watch tons of movies?

Oh, and neat neh? I'm a cool nerd! ;)

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Doo doo de doo waaaa doo de doo! (<-- That's you playing something.) Everyone appreciates the band/orchestra geeks and the pretty voices. Whether you sing in the choir, participate in a school/local band, or sit at home writing music, you contribute a joy to society that everyone can agree on. Yay! Welcome to actually doing something for poor, pathetic human souls. (Just kidding.)

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What Be Your Nerd Type?
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Oh, and if you couldn't guess, I can't sleep. SO I'm gonna take lots of tests, and force you to look at the results! (or, just to be nice, I'll put it behind a cut.)

memememe )
On Friday we played rpg. It was fun, but I'll not bore you with the details.

On Saturday we saw the mighty hammers finally winning a match! Bloody brilliant game, had me at the edge of my seat! 2 - 1 against Blackburn. Now I just hope the fates are with us so we win again before the end of the season. Oh, and then we partied all night...

On Sunday I watched tv continuously, being totally (surprisingly) hung over. I finally went to bed and got to work early today (go me).

I got interviewed by the lovely marthe, so here goes:

1. first food I remember I thought tasted foul:

I didn't like chicken, but that was mostly a fad I think. The first thing I really couldn't stand was liver. Still don't like it...

2. do I have any phobias that have completely disappeared:

Actually, yes. For a long time I was absolutely terrified of children, I kept thinking they were out to get me. This of course led me to stare at them, and they started looking at me strangely (probably because I was staring suspiciously), and I got even more nervous. It was a difficult time since I started working in a toy store...but I got over it eventually. (I kept thinking the counter could keep them away, but then they'd always ask for help...)

3. first music I remember loving:

I was 8 years old and picked up my brother's the Cure - staring at the sea album. Been in love with them ever since.

4. first book I read on my own:

Aside from things like "little Thomas learns to read" it was the Hobbit by Tolkien. (a born geek I know...)

5. what superpower would I most like to have:

I've recently begun to contemplate the superpower of knowing everything in the entire world. It seems neat. But I'll still have to go with flying. Flying is something I've wanted to do as long as I can remember. And I still want it. I used to stand on the edge of cliffs, looking down and imagining being able to fly off it. In hindsight I realized that that was both stupid and dangerous, but at the time it was awesome.

So, comment here and I'll send you questions! :)
( Feb. 5th, 2007 11:34 am)
This weekend I played more rpgs than I've played in a year. First, I played D&D 3 ed on Friday, which was great (I got to be a half-dragon, go me).

On Saturday, me and [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin went to Holmestrand (the town I grew up in) to participate in Holmcon, an rpg con focusing on small, new rpgs that nobody normally gets to play or even know exists. Right up my alley in other words.

Holmcon review )

After that, me and aj went home to my parents to have dinner with them and finally went home and watched the new episode of Supernatural before bed. I was a little bit disappointed in that episode, too much angst, too little horror and too little Dean-time, but hey, what can you do? Today, I've gotten a mood theme with Supernatural. Isn't it neat?!
On Friday I said that I kinda hoped I’d get sick just so I could use my fantastically cool Barney is sick icon *points at icon*, but now I regret ever saying it. I refuse to be sick! I refuse to stay home! Instead, I’m totally dizzy and slow at work with a light headache and my bloody lungs in my hands! I’m in fact coughed them all up and are about to suffocate for lack of air. I hate this! When I breathe I get this brrrrr-sound inside my lungs and I have to cough. I’m so tired. But I will prevail. I mean, when I’m sick I just stop being sick and concentrate on being awesome instead!

In other news, this weekend was, despite the brewing cold, awesome! Marie Antoinette was brilliant, afterwards me and [Bad username or site: ”aj_stalin” @ livejournal.com] aj_stalin had to go home to change into something we could be caught dead in, and then we barely made the last subway back down to town (unfortunately after I’d told a friend of mine, Sissel, that we’d gone home and thus that she should stop waiting for us to come out). We thought we were the only ones going out, it being Friday and people being slobs, but when we got to Boylove, there were the old gang. And I mean the old, old gang! Natasha, Rein, Rein, Elin Marius’ sister, Lars Erik and his friends, Annette and her Mikael, Annette’s ex Marius, and not to mention millsnill and misfortuna. Greatness ensued of course and I had a great night!

Saturday was spent in Holmestrand with my parents, and that was when the sickness really kicked in. I tried all the good old tricks: loads of clothes, warm tea, painkillers and no smoking, but alas, it would not give up and I’m still stuck with it. Anyways, that didn’t stop us from celebrating my brother’s 27th birthday an age which apparently terrifies him with loads of goodies. On Sunday I went back to Oslo to play Mage with Eivind, Silje and Martin, which was also awesome.

details of the session ”here” )
A short question before I ramble on: Why, oh why, are there so many Supernatural slash fics with Dean/Sam as a pairing? How can there be so many people out there who’d like to read about two brothers getting it on? I mean, it’s oogie! I shun it and yet there must be a lot of people not shunning it since there are a lot of people writing it…Someone enlighten me?


”musicmeme” )
Was what [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin sang as we walked home (impressive neh?) from town yesterday. The night started with me playing Warhammer fantasy rpg at Kaisa's, a session that, for a hack 'n slash campaign, suddenly turned quite intense. I pushed the others to slaughter 12 people that had done nothing more than been pushed out of their villages because they had deformaties. I believed that that made them evil, even though it was quite clear that they weren't, but if they weren't evil now, they would become evil, I thought. And so, four of our characters slaughtered them (they didn't even fight back, they just sat there, stunned, scared and sad) whilst the last character refused to be part of it and looked the other way. My heart still kinda hurts just for thinking about it. Awful and yet brilliant!

Then, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin and went out to some horribly trendy place named something that sounds almost like hanisamikaco or something like that. It was three to twelve so when the doorman said it cost 8 dollars to get in before 12 and 16 dollars after twelve we ran inside and paid. Then we noticed they only played trance and the decor made the bar look like a copy of the bar in the second episode of Angel season one. Now we were stuck there however, we quickly checked out the interior and it became immediately obvious that all the pretty people inside liked guys. The place was swarming with trendy gay guys and trendy straight girls. So, we did the only natural thing: We realized that there was no hope for us of getting any and decided this gave us the opportunity of dancing crazily the entire night. We danced the this-floor-is-so-sticky-my-feet-can't-get-loose-dance, the zombie dance, the I'm-gonna-kill-you-aina-because-you-mock-me-because-the-cute-guy-I-dibbed-is-gay-dance, the I'm-a-mime-and-locking-you-in-a-box-dance, the our-arms-decide-where-the-body-goes-dance and so forth and so on. And the ironic part? When we went crazy we kept getting hit on! Which is nice even though we weren't interested in the guys into us.

After dancing non-stop from 12 to 2 however, we wanted to move on. We got out coats and walked out screaming singing "We're blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air. UNITED!" We tried calling other people who might be out, but noone were (traitors all of you!) so we walked home. Now, you must be impressed right? I mean, we walked for about an hour uphill after dancing non-stop for two hours! Good work out and great fun at the same time. Best night of the year! I've got some pictures of us dancing like crazy, but I'm not gonna spend loads of time transferring them over here, because I have to clean this place up and eat something...
This year's new year's eve party had all the ingredients for a legendary experience:

+ Good friends
+ Snacks
+ Nummy indian fast food courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] akselwestlund (appearantly
[livejournal.com profile] mirazandar had nothing to do with it at all. But she did do our dishes while I cleaned so I love her even though she doesn't give me food)
+ Obscene amounts of alcohol
+ An engagement at the strike of 12 (congrats to Ingrid and Sven Trygve)
+ One bad trip-deluxe
+ One overly drunk blond chick who cried, barfed and got picked up by her father (and not exactly in that order, unfortunately for her father's car)
+ Drunken singing
+ Promises of how 2007 would be the best year ever, how this is the year we get thin, find gorgeous men and direction in our lives
+ toasts for the new year, this year with a small twist: "To 2007. May it be better than 2006" "Yeah! Cause 2006 sucked!" (everybody cheered and toasted) Somehow it makes me feel better that everybody else that I love had a bad year when I did...selfish, I know.
+ (Unfortunately for me) a phone call to my parents saying how much I love them and how fireworks are beautiful. I think I started the phone call to my father with something along the lines of "I love you dad, 2007 is going to be great, let's go to Krakow"
+ Cigars, champagne and fireworks
+ Extreme hangover the next day (I'm still a little sick but I'm blaming it on bad food eaten yesterday)

All in all it was a good party.

Offically this is the first day of 2007 by the way because it is never good to start the best year of your life hung over. Also, yesterday I fought with [livejournal.com profile] akselwestlund , was extremely hung over, panicked at having people around me, got nothing done and finally ordered pizza from peppes just so I wouldn't have to do anything to get food, I thought (exclamation mark, exclamation mark, exclamation mark, loads of sighs). Now that was a bad idea! Turns out everyone else in the entire world were thinking the same thing. Thus our pizza did not get delivered on time, or half an hour late, or an hour late. And when it finally came (we were ready to kill at this point due to hunger and hungoverness...), it was dry and a little tasteless. We, too hungry to care, ate it all and sat around for a few moments before deciding to see the movie we bought with the pizza. They had forgotten to send it to us. Again we called the pizza place, they being sorry promised to send the movie right away. And we wait, and wait, and wait. Finally [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin called again for what was like the fifth time and, practically in tears, told them how we had to go to bed soon because we were going to work tomorrow and where was our movie, and how is this possible? Finally it came. Gah! Do not order from peppes soon! I at least need a little bit of a break with my (previously) favorite fast food place.
First of all, I just got off the phone with the company that hired me for one job (Manpower). I expected my pay check this Friday, and being totally broke, had to take from my savings to go clubbing (some may say that that was a bad idea, but after all I expected payment to be in my account today). Turns out that there was a fuck up at their office. My consultent was told that my handing in the time sheet for the entire month in one go was okay, and now it turns out they had deleted it and I have to (one month after actually working there) remember what times I went on and off work in order to get paid. I will not get that money until the 22nd. This is actually their screw up, and I still don't get paid! Gah! Now I'm pennyless for another week.

On a brighter side, using my life savings to go clubbing turned out to be a splendid idea (though maybe not for my future)! Me and [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin went to Gotham nights' christmas party and met [livejournal.com profile] millsnill and [livejournal.com profile] grimgram. But what made the evening special was the amount of absurdity. First I notice the only one of the few cute guys in the club. And then, not five minutes later, he comes over to talk to me. [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin was the perfect wingman, steering away competition (including her gorgeous self), so I could talk to him. He starts off with saying "Hey, Lullabye!" making me first think that he is confusing me with someone else. Then I think that he might think I'm a member of this goth-forum or whatever, and that my user name is Lullabye. As the conversation progresses it turns out he's new to this goth-thing and that perhaps his username is Lullabye. But then in the end it turns out these people he didn't know at the other table had made fun of him and said that they were all named stuff like Blood and Demon and that he should be named Lullabye. Which is not really a nice thing to do to someone new to the scene, no matter how clueless he seemed. So I was nice to him.

Something I regretted the rest of the evening. Because you see gentle readers, five minutes after he left, he brought another one with him, also a guy in a suit, looking rather straight. This guy was also nice, though it was obviously that he hadn't dressed to be in a goth-club. I mean, how can you not love a man that starts up a conversation with the sentence "Don't take this the wrong way but my God, your tits are amazing!" he then progressed to talk about (and to) my breasts for five whole minutes until I exused myself to go talk to my beer. Then, five minutes later, another one shows up. Candid camera style, he comes over to me, with the two other guys and introduces himself as "Kim Ole, call me Demon." After the minute of toppled-over-laughingness, I ended up saying that this was just too weird. I mean, no matter how much you want three guys in suits fawning over you staring at your tits, when you don't know where they're coming from, it gets a little creepy.

I progressed to the first floor of the club (where they played industrial music instead of 80s and 90s goth) where it slowly dawned on me that the club was filled with more midgets than I've ever encountered in one place before. I'm serious, midgets! Now I've got nothing against midgets, I've just never encountered a goth-midget before, and now the place was filled up with them. Then, [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin started seeing this guy that seemed to be everywhere at once (turns out it was actually two guys who looked really similar, but still). All in all, the evening rated high on the absurdity meter. And even though I didn't get to bring anyone home with me, I got to go home with the prettiest girl there ([livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin of course, for the ones of you too dense to get it).
So, this weekend was good. On friday I went and saw Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie.

rant )

After we saw bond, we went out to Maiden, a place everyone I know have chosen to love, but where I have yet to have a nice night. The music was so loud we couldn't hear each other and we ended up in relative silence drinking Ringnes (bad Norwegian beer). Then the standing in line for the taxis that took an hour. And then, finally, sleep.

On Saturday, on the other hand, [livejournal.com profile] mirazandar came to Oslo, and we crashed the yearly guys-talk-about-larp meeting (Guys, booze and dead animals). it was really nice and we talked the night away drinking whisky and discussing. Very good night! (Only problem was that I asked [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin to come, and she didn't like it so she sat there bored and went home early...felt a bit bad)

Sunday was a day of intense watching of the tv. First we re-saw some episodes of Carnivale, then half of "Field of Dreams" and lastly "Party monster" which turned out to be a great movie! Must see everyone! :) Especially those of you who like gays cause they are so over-the-top queens!

meme )
So, this Friday I went to see Nils Petter Molvær with [livejournal.com profile] mirazandar at her suggestion. And it was the best concert I've been to in my life. When we entered the concert hall, the place was half-full and we got two seats down on the dance floor. Slowly the place filled up with the young and hip crowd of Norway and the two of us felt slightly out of place. The sound-guy insisted on playing what turned out to be a sort of beat in the background instead of music for about an hour and a half while we waited for the band. But, just as I thought I was entering hell, it turned out that this was done to make the concert experience all the sweeter. Not that we needed two hours of hell to feel the absolute sweetness that is Molvær, but it didn't hurt. They entered the stage, lights dimmed and suddenly this amazing techno beat started, the light shows behind the band was spectacular in a Zeromancer-style and the music, the music made you forget where you were, who you were and how much time had passed. It was an experience I'm not able to describe in words without sounding melodramatic, so I will quit trying.

Unfortunately, when me and [livejournal.com profile] mirazandar exited the concert we decided to go out and meet people. Giddy from the experience we entered a small pub called Cacadou, and let the magic of the concert be replaced by the questionable "magic" of watching extremely drunk old men attempt to hit on us, with loud music banging in our ears and with too many people crushed into to little space. Redeeming factors: [livejournal.com profile] lazerjulie and [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin. Safe to say we went home a little early (2 am) and talked into the night. But parts of me wished we'd gone home straight after the concert.

Saturday was a lovely day of Jenter, øl og sigarer (Girls, beer and cigars) an arragement this year hosted by me where larp-girl go to chat about important things with pizza, chocolate, chips and obscene amounts of alcohol. Safe to say it was super.

Sunday I spent waking up, enjoying my headache from the day before, then cleaned up after it and went to [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalins mum's place where we watched Carnivale and drank whisky till the early hours of the morning. Or, that is what we would have done if I hadn't thrown the first glass of whisky of the evening on my computer much like chicks in chickflicks and soap operas throw on male characters. My computer luckily mostly recovered the next day and so it works, if parts of the screen is irredeemably damaged. The world sucks! Instead we drank a smaller amount of whisky and watched old Friends episodes till the early hours of morning, so it was still nice.

Why is this the ultimate weekend post? I don't know, maybe because it includes drinking on both Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Or maybe because it is so long? I don't know, you tell me. Still tired...

Oh, and look at my new icon. Isn't it smashing?
( Oct. 16th, 2006 09:45 am)
So, first day on a new job. I like talking on the phone, so this'll probably be fun! I'm a reseptionist.

This weekend was great btw. [livejournal.com profile] mirazandar came in from Fredrikstad and stayed the whole weekend. Friday we just stayed home, but on Saturday we dressed up as princesses and went out. I felt like the purtyest purty princess in the history of the world, and I absolutely loved wearing a pink little dress and a tiara! :) Flowers in my hair and all! For once we even went dancing with sucess! God that was fun! I'll force [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin to give me pics and post them (if I look pretty, if not, you'll never see me in my pink dress).

And to brighten your day, here is a quizz if you wanna see it.

quizzoton )
( Sep. 25th, 2006 11:25 am)
This weekend has had way more parties that I could possibly go to. Which is good I guess, even though I wanted to go to all of them. On Friday, Sjur celebrated his birthday, and I went there and got smashingly drunk. Whilst standing by the bar to buy my third Purple Nipple shot (the shot I had just discovered and am still in love with) this really cute guy started talking to me. I think he was flirting, but then [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin showed up and started acting all in love and fluffy with me, and I think he thought we were lesbians. Anyways, we'll find out next Friday as he will be there and so will I. I was going to go home early since I was supposed to go to IKEA on Saturday, but we ended up drinking into the night and got to bed at 5.

Saturday morning was hell. Luckily, [livejournal.com profile] 45hasle did not feel bad about me not going to IKEA with him, so I got to go back to sleep. But I've been fighting this cold all week, and it turns out, getting smashing drunk doesn't make you better. So Saturday night, a night with four different parties, turned out to be another one of the very cozy stay at home and getting drunk nights instead.

On Sunday I found out that Natasha had come to the country, so we went out and had lunch and talked alot. It was really nice. I hope she moves back here after christmas. Then [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin invited me over to tell me about her night, which was bizarre and makes me sad I didn't join her. Evening ended alone re-reading HP4 and slowly falling asleep.

Now back to applying for jobs. When people writes objectives like "to get a job, preferably part-time" to you [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_monkey, how come I still haven't gotten a job?

and by the way, even if you have seen this before, see it again. It's still funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az3SXXSdPJI
( Aug. 20th, 2006 02:41 pm)
So, we went on the camping trip of awkwardness. Me, Marthe, Aksel and Martin alone in a cabin with no car and no means of escape for three days. Luckily it went really well and I think we can all hang out without awkwardness or bad feelings from now on. Which is good since I don't really wanna loose them as friends.

Anyways, it was a bizarre trip. We went skinnydipping, and sometime during day one turned into nudists. Probably due to the large amounts of alcohol we drank. But the best part of the trip was when I set Martin on fire. That's right, I took my lighter and his chest hair lit up like a torch. Why, you ask would someone want to do such a thing. Well, Martin insisted on setting fire to a spiderweb even though I told him not to and said that if he did I'd set fire to him as well. He insisted that I wouldn't dare, and sat fire to the spiderweb (poor spider), so I had no choice.

Other great things included....hmmm...wait, no that was about it. Instead you get this great motivational poster:

This is just amazing:

( Jun. 9th, 2006 11:44 pm)
My boyfriend is home...we watched "Is it fall yet" and ate mass amounts of chocolate. Now he's sitting naked on my bed complaining about the lack of order on his computer. Apparently he's going to show me something, if he can ever find it. Yesterday at Aina's place was great even though bones sucked. Today work was annoying, but at least I met the new person and she was nice. I also found out that my boss got married, yay for her! I'm still annoyed about something I found out today, but I'm trying not to let it bug me too much. Now I'm gonna get naked too. Have fun all. summer is good.




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