And now I've gotten a cold. I'm snifling around in my apartment feeling sorry for myself with a tummy bloated up to a faux 3-months pregnancy due to the cheesecake I had yesterday, so worth it a headache, general tiredness and a sore troath. So unfair!

(the smart thing would probably be to take today off so I'd be bored out of my mind by tomorrow and therefore probably more inclined to study, but I'm forcefeeding myself Scale and Scope - the dynamics of industrial capitalism" instead. I figure I can probably get through a bunch of pages even though I'm all mushy on the inside. Wish me luck!)
( Nov. 4th, 2008 12:49 pm)
It's amazing what just one hour more of sleep can do to my effectiveness and good mood at work. Today work is calm and nice, while yesterday it was a living nightmare. I love that I remembered that I still have a bottle of Cosylan. Now my dreams were fluffy and warm while I was comfortably sedated throughout the night, rather than coughing like crazy and sleepless.

Maybe I can even get well this way? *fingers crossed*
Man I hate being sick. I hate it about as much as I hate people who have yet to realize the beauty of lj-cuts, and that says a lot. I haven't even gotten out of bed yet, my head hurts too much. I put clothes on at 1 because delivery guys were coming by with our dishwasher (dishwashing squee) and I promptly fell asleep while the electrician came to plug it in. My day has consisted of answering the phone and pretending to be at work (since the only person who could fill in for me at work is our massage therapist, who doesn't speak Norwegian), and sleeping in-between the phone calls. Really difficult to pretend to know what's going on while waking up 17 times, but at least it's better than being at work.

Food so far today: 1 power bar from the box on the shelf in my room and half a cup of peppermint tea. I'm thinking of ordering in some Chinese at some point. Delivery services deliver drinks as well, right?
Well, I had been getting a cold for a while, and one could argue that the reason why it got massively worse was that I chose to go work out and continue stressing through the last days before the larp I´m attending, but I choose to believe that my body is punishing me for denying it chocolate. I´ll never happen again body, could you please make me well quickly so I can go to work tomorrow?

Luckily, [ profile] sjokoladepiken is the nicest person in the entire world and covered for me, but I don´t really wanna make her do it again tomorrow. Not only because it´s the last day before my vacation and I kinda want to be there and fix everything before I go, but because she really needs a whole day to move and she gets the keys tonight. I don´t want to make her work on the one day she was going to move, especially not when she´s covering for me at work for a whole week.
I always like to know that I know my body and the signs it's sending me. Of course, I almost always ignore them, but I like to know that I can notice and recognize them correctly. This time, I knew I was getting a cold 4 days ago, and I bargained with my body to just let me finish my final report before crashing completely. It more or less complied. Too bad that meant I couldn't go on the cabin trip I was supposed to go on, because I didn't want to drive for 1,5 hours to get up to a cold cabin with no showers or running water of any kind with a nasty cold. I waited for as long as I could to make my mind up, since I thought I might be wrong and that I'd get better from the cold and not worse. But of course not. I've been awake half the night woken up by my own coughing, I can't smoke due to the nastiness of my lungs, I keep almost fainting (which, if I was a 90 pound girl would be charming, I'm sure, but when it's me only makes me feel kinda weak and stupid) when I walk around, and I get nothing done.

So, I've gotten a hold of all three terminator movies, I'm all alone in my apartment, I've got freshly made coffee and I've decided to take today off from work to get better. See body? I listen to you and your needs. Get well now.

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1. [ profile] aj_stalin
2. [ profile] sandchigger
3. [ profile] 45hasle
( Nov. 19th, 2007 10:47 am)
Finally. After what I would describe as no less than blood sweat and tears, I've gotten my hands on, and copied, the last article on my curriculum: "Post-Cold War Histiography in Norway". After a month of waiting, I finally gave up and went to the National Library to look for it. Turns out they only had one copy and it had to be special ordered for me, which would take an extra day. But now, I have it! I only have one thing to say, and that is: This article better be bloody brilliant! After a month of trying to get my hands on it, I definitely have high expectations.

Oh, and in other news, I no longer have a voice. I can't talk to people, my throat is so sore. The lady at the doctor's office this morning had to ask me 4 times to repeat my name because she couldn't understand what I was hissing. People stare at me when I cough. I think I'll go home to my tea and blankets.
Spring is here, and thus I'm also allergic...But ex girlscout that I am I am of course always, wait, of course I'm not. I have no allergi medication, and no perscriptions, oh and if I forgot to mention it, there was some trouble with my pay check this month, so after bills I have about 218 dollars to live for. Yup, just enough for food, not enough to pay for any more doctors appointments, let alone for any medication. I have good parents, so they have agreed to help me get meds for my allergies, but I'll have to wait till Tuesday. So until then it's peep-cough with a side order of allergies. Oh joy.

Anyways, I've had these two songs stuck in my head respectively for the last two days. the videos are really funny, plus seeing the first one totally changed my view of Justin Timberlake. He is actually kinda cool.

SNL Christmas special (with Justin Timberlake):

Watsketbur (a Deutch rap song, with Norwegian subtitles based on what it sounds like in Norwegian):

Oh, and a funny fanvid from Harry Potter (promise it's not slash!):

This icon is from Battlestar Galactica and is called "Baltar"
( Apr. 13th, 2007 01:18 pm)
--Go to
--Click on Maps.
--Click on "get Directions".
--From New York
--To Oslo

--And read line # 23.

If you laugh, repost this.

It really is that funny!


I'm at work, doing stuff, which makes me feel good. Too bad I'm really really sick and coughing. But I'm only here half the day and after that I can sleep through the weekend. I really really need to get well now. Anybody think they can help me? I'm willing to try anything from voodoo to christianity! I just want to be able to walk out in the lovely weather without coughing, and not be tired all the time...

This icon is called: angel spike
( Mar. 23rd, 2007 03:36 pm)
I think I’ve finally figured this world out. It goes like this: Nobody gets to have three things at once. Take me for instance, I’m both pretty and smart. This means I cannot have good health as well. Now, I’ve been okay with that for as long as I can remember, after all I’d rather have looks and brains than general health, but now, as I entering the third month of the hellish houseparty of germs that is my body (anyone ever wondered why the major never liked germs. Come by my place and I’ll show you!), I realize that something has to be done. And I have a plan. *pointing at a neatly made powerpoint presentation*

First: I need you guys to find me the body of a relatively young girl with looks and good health, but who lacks smarts and maybe even have a bad personality.

I'm just tossing out an example picture of what she could look like:

Then: I need to find a doctor, and persuade him (maybe like this:)
to switch our brains.

Et voila! I'll be a beautiful, smart and healthy woman with no problems whatsoever.

So? are you guys in?

(oh, and if you're wondering why I have this plan. I've just been diagnosed with peep cough (yes, it might be contagius Aina, but I'm on supermeds to make sure I'm not) and halsbetennelse (that thing where you get a soare throat and cannot eat solid foods because it hurts too much). I hate my body...)
( Mar. 14th, 2007 12:47 pm)
I just found out that Chiwetel Ejiofor (Okwe) plays the transvestite Lola in the movie Kinky boots. Wanna see it with me anyone? I IMDBed it:

In other news I just barfed in my hands at work. I thought I was just going to cough my lungs out, so I got ready for the upcoming pain, but no, I barfed all over my hands and the floor. Can you say nasty? okay so I know you totally didn’t need to know that, but I’m so ooged out I just needed to share. Feel sorry for me? I seem destined never to get well from this. Luckily I managed not to hit my favourite shoes, and to mostly keep my clothes clean. I’m a little tired of being tired all the time and ill, so I’m in a little need of hugs. I remember those days when barfing at work was a clear sign you should go home. I kinda miss those days…

To make myself feel better I’ve been memeing…

Your Pick Up Line Is

Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!

”more )
( Mar. 8th, 2007 12:46 am)
I'm drugged. As in seriously, actually drugged. I'm mixing Paralgin forte with Cosylan, and it feels like my arms are too heavy to use, my body is sorta prickly, like the inside of your mouth when you get sedated at the dentist only all over, and my reaction time is slower. Oh, and of course, my side doesn't hurt that much. Which is neat, but the pain killer side effects are a little scary. I just thought I'd let you know since I'll probably be all used to them in a matter of days. (Interesting side-bar: the pills are obviously made for me since they're a light pink colour and clearly marked with the letter M, and we all know M stands for Martine, right?)

Looks like I'll have to let you do all the fun stuff alone tomorrow though, since I'm probably still too hurt to go to a concert or a demonstration. It kinda sucks, but still.

Have a good Woman's day everybody! And be feminsts all!

Besides, I've finally become evil enough. I got sorted into slytherin! (I didn't even cheat)

memes )
( Mar. 6th, 2007 03:59 pm)
I have yet to win against my body. In the battle of wills, my body is still the stronger of us (though probably just because I have this large amount of people, yeah, you know who you are, who keep telling me to listen to what my body is telling me), and thus, I am on sick leave. Again. she wrote this announcement from her office, where she's not supposed to be, but she promises to leave it soon

I'm sure you're all dying to know what's wrong with me, so here goes: I coughed so hard I might have fractured (though not broken) a rib, and ripped a few muscle tendons(?)muskelfester, jeg vet ikke hva det heter på engelsk. Hjelp meg noen?. The doctor gave me big, strong painkillers and a new prescription for the sweet juice of life, cosylan, and told me I might have Pertussis kikhoste, a decease I thought was extinct. Lucky me. So now they tested me for it, patted me on the back and told me to hope that wasn't it, 'cause then there's nothing to do but wait it out. Oh, and he took lots of tests and sent me to take more tests tomorrow. So no rest for the wicked, I guess. Now, I just have to figure out how I'm going to pay for my medication with my grand total of 0,04kr in my bank account (for the Americans among you I would like to translate, but you have no currency small enough).
That's it, I'm done for. I've known for quite a while that my body doesn't like me, and I've tried for mutual hate. It's gone something along the lines of: Body: "Oh really Mind, you think you're gonna get to go to work this week? Well here you go, get a load of this cough!" Mind: "Well body, if you're trying these shenanigans, I'll just ignore them! Let's get cracking!" Body: "Oh, I'll escalate this conflict, here's a fever!" And so forth and so on...usually there's a tie where me (mind) has to take a day or two off, and Body decides to play fair for a good long while after that small victory.

But now, my body has obviously decided that this was my expiration date and from now on, every day I'm still alive is a freebie, and a painful freebie at that. I woke up this morning (yet again) from coughing, but this time, for fun it seems, I got this sudden, sharp pain in my left lung/side and it hurt so much I thought I was gonna throw up. It still hurts if I move/breathe/write/talk and the only reason I'm at work is because I'm refusing to stay home any more. Will you never be satisfied Body? It basically feels like someone has beat me with a baseball bat. Thanks world, now I'm really looking forward to that four course dinner at the fancy restaurant that I'm never gonna get to go to if I don't go with my work today. I hope nothing in my side is broken...

Please do that mumbo-jumbo sending me positive energy thing that Brian keeps talking about! I'm sure that we can beat my body into submission together!
( Feb. 19th, 2007 02:32 pm)
So, I'm back baby dolls! And this time for real. I went to London, even though I was still sick, and came back even sicker, so I'm still not at work, but at least I'm in the country. London was bloody brilliant!

Londontrip )

And so was my trip to London, so brilliant I don't think I could protray it in words at all. But the absolute high lights were the two shows: Avenue Q and Equus which I'll recommend to anyone. I'll even go back to London to see them again, they were so great!
Or actually, I'm still sick, but I thought I'd call in and let you all know how I'm doing. I've just seen one of the more gay movies in my life! The Producers: Keep it happy! Keep it snappy! Keep it gay! (unquote) And I've seen Slither, and a whole bunch of other stuff since I'm sofa bound and sick.

I did however, venture out the door yesterday to record Section 2's demo, cause we only had this weekend as our studio time and frankly, we've already postphoned this once and I didn't want to be the reason for us doing it a second time. It was fun (and tiring), and I went straight back to bed afterwards so we managed to record two songs (decently). they're not perfect, but at least it means you guys can get a feel of what kind of music we play. I can't wait for you guys to hear it! :)

Tomorrow I'll be going home to my parents, who will nurture me back to health by Wednesday since I'm going to London on Thursday to see the premiere of Equus, which will be legendary! I'll miss you [ profile] aj_stalin! *kisses*

Yeah, that's it everybody! I've done nothing but stay at home, nurturing myself, and venturing out for short walks to the store and getting strange looks and questions. Mostly because my cough is ugly and sometimes there's spew. It's pretty gruesome. The pretty lady at the store (who I'd like to impress, not with my spewing abilities, but with my wit and humor) asked if I was okay since it apparently looked like I'd been crying, and a guy outside the store asked if I was okay, and when I nodded and smiled, enquired again if there was any way he could help me. It's a little freaky, I mean, I didn't think I looked that bad, but hey, what can you do? (Stay in, apparently)
When I got to work today, I found out that I'd been outed. That is, when I discreetly left the meeting yesterday to cough I coughed and barfed loudly enough that they could hear it all the way in to the meeting. So today, first, one of the girls went over to me and said: "You're going to the doctor's. Call him today. You have no choice." and, having just lost my entire breakfast, I had to grudgingly agree. Then, my boss came over to me to have a talk. It went something along these lines: "Martine, we're very glad to have you here and think you're a great asset. And it's very good that you want to be here working, but go to the doctor's now." So I went to the doctor's. Of course I had to say it didn't I? I had to mention the p-word. I've gotten pnemonia. The doctor seemed unconvinced that I would kick it in less than a week, and suggested I call him if I needed more time off next week.

Know what that means? I'll be on antibiotics and probably sick on the premiere of Equus!! This is a time for mind over matter. I'm getting well now. So there! Everybody please help me get well, okay? I'm opting for anything. Got a weird stone that will make me well if I wear it close to my heart? I'll wear it. Got a weird mixture made of anything at all? I'll drink it. I'm going to get well by next Wednesday so please do whatever you can to help! [ profile] 45hasle already has as he is getting me cosylan (sweet sweet drug of mine) and antibiotics. Good man!
( Feb. 6th, 2007 03:53 pm)
All my entries have been tagged, all the way back to the beginning. Yeah, I'm so good!

In different news. Lately I’ve been very bloated (I know, you don’t need to know that, but I need to share) so today I started drinking a 10 day cure mixture thingie. Basically, it’s supposed to purify my body. All it takes is that I drink a litre of the stuff every day for 10 days, and that I don’t drink alcohol (I know, hell is freezing over), smoke tobacco or drink coffee or tea. In addition I’m supposed to decrease and hopefully refrain from eating red meat, sugar and fatty food. Yeah, I know, hell on earth (must be why it’s freezing over), but it’s only for ten days, right, so I should be able to. Of course, this is the one day a year when we’re having cake at the office, and another one of those dreaded meetings where I can hardly stay awake with coffee, much less without. But I will prevail!

Actually, I did not prevail. First, I drank coffee and ate cake (bad me), then it turned out that coffee is not a drug powerful enough to keep me awake. Neither is doodling on my notes apparently. Which is why I have the best little sketches ever! There's this thing that looks like a flower with grass shaped vaguely like people around it, and it's marked with "God" and the grass is "Adam and Eve". I couldn't for my life decipher what I meant by it though, I'm weird. And that's just the beginning, there's this thing that looks like a mix between an alien and a cartoon bomb getting thrown towards a whirlwind whilst it's screaming "Help me! Help me!" and I don't even remember drawing most of it. I love myself when I'm falling asleep.

Also, my sickness still refuses to leave me. Now my troath has started sounding like the bad guy in the Grudge, you know, that nnnkkkkhhhnnkkkhhh-sound she makes instead of talking? That's the sound of my breathing. And in between I cough till I barf up whatever I'm eating. Good times. I'm giving it two more days. If I'm still sick after that, I'll have to go back to see a doctor. But so far I'm content to ignore my body till it stops complaining. It'll probably work, unless this is pnemonia *knock on wood*.

”testorama” )
I've been sick for about two weeks now, and the flu has yet to leave me. This Friday I'm travelling to Bergen to play a concert. What should I do?

[Poll #912269]
( Jan. 18th, 2007 01:02 pm)
Yesterday I fully understood to which degree it sucks to be an adult. I've been coughing my lungs up since Friday (as I'm sure you already know, I am after all a master of complaining), and after every single employee at my work had come by my office to say that they felt sorry for me, and that I should go see a doctor for my cough (which resonates through three floors of office space apparently), I caved in and decided to go see one. Problem number one with being a grown up: I'm working as a substitute, so the firm I'm really working for, xtra personelle, may not pay for my time if I go see a doctor. Not willing to work extra because of a doctor's appointment yet again , I decided to go to the legevakt (emergency room? It sounds so much worse in English). There, I had to wait for approximately 3 hours before I got to go in an see the doctor. Now, if I was a child, I wouldn't have to worry about sick leave or waiting, I wouldn't have been alone in the waiting room for said three hours, and I wouldn't have to go by the pharmacy on my way home, especially not because my moter would have driven me instead of me taking public transport and scaring off the other passengers with my cough.

The good part of being an adult is the doctor treating you like you can think for yourself. And yet, I don't know if I want to have a doctor ask me to choose between several cough medicines I've never tried or had any sort of experience with. Oh well.

Another nice thing with being sick as a child was that my mother or father would bring home some soda and a bun for me, they'd rent me a movie and stop by in the middle of the day to make sure that I'd eaten something. Now, I have to make sure I eat something, stay on the sofa all alone and noone is ever going to bring me buns or soda. I'm stuck with stale frozen pizza and no rented movies of any kind. *feeling sorry for myself*

-look at me! All sick!
On Friday I said that I kinda hoped I’d get sick just so I could use my fantastically cool Barney is sick icon *points at icon*, but now I regret ever saying it. I refuse to be sick! I refuse to stay home! Instead, I’m totally dizzy and slow at work with a light headache and my bloody lungs in my hands! I’m in fact coughed them all up and are about to suffocate for lack of air. I hate this! When I breathe I get this brrrrr-sound inside my lungs and I have to cough. I’m so tired. But I will prevail. I mean, when I’m sick I just stop being sick and concentrate on being awesome instead!

In other news, this weekend was, despite the brewing cold, awesome! Marie Antoinette was brilliant, afterwards me and [Bad username or site: ”aj_stalin” @] aj_stalin had to go home to change into something we could be caught dead in, and then we barely made the last subway back down to town (unfortunately after I’d told a friend of mine, Sissel, that we’d gone home and thus that she should stop waiting for us to come out). We thought we were the only ones going out, it being Friday and people being slobs, but when we got to Boylove, there were the old gang. And I mean the old, old gang! Natasha, Rein, Rein, Elin Marius’ sister, Lars Erik and his friends, Annette and her Mikael, Annette’s ex Marius, and not to mention millsnill and misfortuna. Greatness ensued of course and I had a great night!

Saturday was spent in Holmestrand with my parents, and that was when the sickness really kicked in. I tried all the good old tricks: loads of clothes, warm tea, painkillers and no smoking, but alas, it would not give up and I’m still stuck with it. Anyways, that didn’t stop us from celebrating my brother’s 27th birthday an age which apparently terrifies him with loads of goodies. On Sunday I went back to Oslo to play Mage with Eivind, Silje and Martin, which was also awesome.

details of the session ”here” )
A short question before I ramble on: Why, oh why, are there so many Supernatural slash fics with Dean/Sam as a pairing? How can there be so many people out there who’d like to read about two brothers getting it on? I mean, it’s oogie! I shun it and yet there must be a lot of people not shunning it since there are a lot of people writing it…Someone enlighten me?


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