Though my birthday was a few weeks ago, I decided to celebrate it yesterday for various logistical reasons (like, I didn´t want it to crash with [ profile] aj_stalin´s mom´s birthday and I was in Amsterdam and so forth...). I decided to host a cocktail party mostly because I wanted to see all my friends dressed up in pretty dresses and suits and drink good drinks rather than beer. As it turns out, all my friends consider the liquor of all times to be rum. 6 of the guests brought their own bottle of it, and hardly anyone brought anything else (um, or I think there was some gin and whisky around, but compared to the amount of rum consumed it was nothing). Almost everyone showed up in short, gorgeous dresses or suits (and the ones who didn´t at least wore ties, so I´m not complaining) and best of all: though the setting was a cocktail party, the atmosphere was neither stuck up nor boring. And so many people showed up that I at one point actually had to leave my own party to get some fresh air because there were just too many people in our rather smallish apartment. People sang birthday songs for me 5 times and I got a lot of nice pressies.

All in all, a very good birthday party.

(Today I´m hiding out at the boyfriend´s because the apartment is completely trashed and I´m too hung over to do anything about it. My patient and nice flatmate [ profile] 45hasle will probably forgive me)
( Apr. 20th, 2008 11:43 pm)
Something happens in Oslo every springtime. People migrate out as the sun comes out, people somehow seem prettier and all in all, the world seems just a little bit brighter and I remember why this is the city I've decided to live in.

[ profile] aj_stalin and I celebrated her birthday by laying on the grass in Torshovdalen and talking about life and her awesome birthday party yesterday (I'm still feeling the effects of the mass amounts of alcohol consumed). Then, we went and had dinner with her family at a really nice restaurant downtown. To top it all off we drank the booze left over from the party and watched Superbad. All in all a great weekend. I got nothing done, but I didn't really plan on getting anything done either so it's all good. Everything left from last week will just have to be done tomorrow.

Summer is coming and with it all the horrors of exams, but right now I'm happy with my new sunglasses and the possibility of eating my lunch outside in the sun tomorrow.
This Christmas has been a time for the bitter-sweet feelings of suddenly realizing that you've grown up. The lights just aren't that shiny anymore, the gifts under the trees suddenly seem less interesting than spending time with your family around the dinner table, and for the first time in your life, you're not the youngest person, not the center of attention, and maybe, just maybe, that's all right too. But the problem with these feelings are that they're so often accompanied by the fear that nothing will ever be quite that shiny and new again. I look at the people around me, and I see a mess of conflicting feelings, trouble we never talk about because that would be awkward and uncomfortable, unrequited love, and relationships slowly breaking apart. And it all makes me feel like I've grown up, and the woman I grew into, and the world I grew up in, just wasn't as good as I wanted it to be.

And with those sentiments, I decided to go to the same new year's eve party I always go to, with the people closest to me, without expectations. Or, that's not true, I expected it to be slightly awkward since many of us have grown apart, and many of us have spent time abroad this year. But it wasn't.

Instead, it was one of the best new year's eve parties I've ever gone to. The awkwardness didn't happen, the people were nice, my dress was perfect and the food was awesome. The party lasted through the night to the next morning and most of us stayed to the bitter end. And though I know it was just another party, that the change from one year to the next is constructed to make us feel like there's a huge difference between December 31 and January 1 even though it's only really a day, I'm okay with that. I like the pretense. I like that we celebrate the end of one year and the (made up) hopes of a clean slate and new beginnings. Maybe one shouldn't be too quick in admitting to have grown up, if growing up means giving up on your ideas of a fresh start tomorrow?
( Dec. 31st, 2007 01:15 pm)
To everyone on my flist: I love you all dearly! Good luck in the next year!
This year's new year's eve party had all the ingredients for a legendary experience:

+ Good friends
+ Snacks
+ Nummy indian fast food courtesy of [ profile] akselwestlund (appearantly
[ profile] mirazandar had nothing to do with it at all. But she did do our dishes while I cleaned so I love her even though she doesn't give me food)
+ Obscene amounts of alcohol
+ An engagement at the strike of 12 (congrats to Ingrid and Sven Trygve)
+ One bad trip-deluxe
+ One overly drunk blond chick who cried, barfed and got picked up by her father (and not exactly in that order, unfortunately for her father's car)
+ Drunken singing
+ Promises of how 2007 would be the best year ever, how this is the year we get thin, find gorgeous men and direction in our lives
+ toasts for the new year, this year with a small twist: "To 2007. May it be better than 2006" "Yeah! Cause 2006 sucked!" (everybody cheered and toasted) Somehow it makes me feel better that everybody else that I love had a bad year when I did...selfish, I know.
+ (Unfortunately for me) a phone call to my parents saying how much I love them and how fireworks are beautiful. I think I started the phone call to my father with something along the lines of "I love you dad, 2007 is going to be great, let's go to Krakow"
+ Cigars, champagne and fireworks
+ Extreme hangover the next day (I'm still a little sick but I'm blaming it on bad food eaten yesterday)

All in all it was a good party.

Offically this is the first day of 2007 by the way because it is never good to start the best year of your life hung over. Also, yesterday I fought with [ profile] akselwestlund , was extremely hung over, panicked at having people around me, got nothing done and finally ordered pizza from peppes just so I wouldn't have to do anything to get food, I thought (exclamation mark, exclamation mark, exclamation mark, loads of sighs). Now that was a bad idea! Turns out everyone else in the entire world were thinking the same thing. Thus our pizza did not get delivered on time, or half an hour late, or an hour late. And when it finally came (we were ready to kill at this point due to hunger and hungoverness...), it was dry and a little tasteless. We, too hungry to care, ate it all and sat around for a few moments before deciding to see the movie we bought with the pizza. They had forgotten to send it to us. Again we called the pizza place, they being sorry promised to send the movie right away. And we wait, and wait, and wait. Finally [ profile] aj_stalin called again for what was like the fifth time and, practically in tears, told them how we had to go to bed soon because we were going to work tomorrow and where was our movie, and how is this possible? Finally it came. Gah! Do not order from peppes soon! I at least need a little bit of a break with my (previously) favorite fast food place.
”He lay awake the whole night, mind racing.” I’ve always wondered about that concept. I mean, does he actually lie awake the entire night, or does he in fact fall asleep at times, but his mind keeps racing anyhow, so you end up in a fitful sleep with no actual rest? Cause that was my night. It felt like I hadn’t slept at all when I woke up, but I know I was asleep for part of the time since I remember a disturbing dream about feet and dirty socks.

In other news, [Bad username or site: ”mirazandar” @]s and I'm actually trying to write mirazandar here, which I know is her username, and I know isn't a bad word either, so what the fuck is going on? birthday was this weekend, in my house. Naturally I was late in my fixing, and had finished cleaning the apartment, but not myself, before they came. Of course [Bad username or site: ”mirazandar” @] had to bring the few people I actually didn’t know first so that their first impression of me was someone who cut her foot on a piece of class, ran around in circles and took a shower after the guests arrived. But the party was great. Slow starting because [Bad username or site: ”mirazandar” @] was trying to mix two separate crowds in one party, which, in nine out of ten times goes badly, but it actually went great this time. Cudos! Anyways, I had great fun, first at the party and then at Boylove after the party. Good music, good dancing, good free drinks, good conversation and good making out.

I’m so seriously considering getting a paid account just to get more userpics. I had to delete the hero of canton icon to make room for a bsg icon from one of my favourite episodes from ses 3. And it hurt. Now I love all my icons too much to lose them. Gah! Should I get a paid account? I mean, it’s no more expensive than 20 bites of sushi, and I eat that approximately twice a month. Hmmm…what do you think? 100 userpics sounds unbelievably sweet. And just so you notice, look at the icon! Battlestar Galactica and boxing at the same time, two of my favourite things!

Oh, and unimportant question: Gingerbread vs gingersnaps: I’ve always thought that gingerbread was thin, hard crackers that taste really good, but is that in fact gingersnaps? If so, what is gingerbread? And if not, what is gingersnaps? Help, someone?

geekiness-factor decided by movies )
( Oct. 31st, 2006 08:48 am)
As there has been some question to whether or not I was actually a gay guy lately, I thought it was time for another pic post to prove once and for all that I am in fact, (drum roll) a woman. The way to prove this is naturally to show pics from the halloween party I attended, dressed in drag. Yeah, anyways, you can still see that I've got tits, so my sex should still be concidered female. (huh, I write like a feminine gay guy my ass *feigned insultedness*)

Anyways, so the party was good. Too many people didn't turn up, but we still got smashingly drunk (me drinking vodka out of a carton of soy milk) and played spin the bottle, just like when I was fourteen. Then we went out to Maiden and got even drunker. All in all it was a good night.

look at the pretties )
( Oct. 26th, 2006 09:47 am)
Friday night, Aina's place. Be there or be square! No excuses are good enough (except living in another country or not knowing us...)

Look! Freaky pumpkin for your benefit. Now show!
That's it. I've spent another morning applying for jobs. I'm tired of it, it takes a lot of time, and I just don't have any more energy. I'm gonna need a montage. I need to fade out, there has to be a lot of stills of me applying, dressing for job interviews, getting tired of trying and then finally finding my perfect job. But the beauty of a montage would be that that would take about one and a half minute, and not actual weeks. I want a job! A secure job! A job that paid me enough to both eat and pay rent! Somebody turn my life into a tv-show so that I can get a montage. Pretty please?

On a different note. My new apartment needs partying and thus we need a housewarming party. This will take place next Saturday so make sure you're all there (the ones that don't actually live in Oslo are of course excused, but only barely)! Loss of limb is an okay excuse also, or death, but that's about it. I wanna fill this place up with nice people and party.
( Sep. 25th, 2006 11:25 am)
This weekend has had way more parties that I could possibly go to. Which is good I guess, even though I wanted to go to all of them. On Friday, Sjur celebrated his birthday, and I went there and got smashingly drunk. Whilst standing by the bar to buy my third Purple Nipple shot (the shot I had just discovered and am still in love with) this really cute guy started talking to me. I think he was flirting, but then [ profile] aj_stalin showed up and started acting all in love and fluffy with me, and I think he thought we were lesbians. Anyways, we'll find out next Friday as he will be there and so will I. I was going to go home early since I was supposed to go to IKEA on Saturday, but we ended up drinking into the night and got to bed at 5.

Saturday morning was hell. Luckily, [ profile] 45hasle did not feel bad about me not going to IKEA with him, so I got to go back to sleep. But I've been fighting this cold all week, and it turns out, getting smashing drunk doesn't make you better. So Saturday night, a night with four different parties, turned out to be another one of the very cozy stay at home and getting drunk nights instead.

On Sunday I found out that Natasha had come to the country, so we went out and had lunch and talked alot. It was really nice. I hope she moves back here after christmas. Then [ profile] aj_stalin invited me over to tell me about her night, which was bizarre and makes me sad I didn't join her. Evening ended alone re-reading HP4 and slowly falling asleep.

Now back to applying for jobs. When people writes objectives like "to get a job, preferably part-time" to you [ profile] cheshire_monkey, how come I still haven't gotten a job?

and by the way, even if you have seen this before, see it again. It's still funny:
( Aug. 27th, 2006 02:32 pm)
I went to a party where I hardly knew anyone yesterday. And it was fun! Granted partly because I brought Aina, Marthe and Martin, but also because the people were nice. I learned something about myself however. Sometimes I judge people based on first impressions. This girl was nothing if not polite to me, and helped me get the beer into the fridge and everything, but I couldn't stand her. I got the feeling that she was arrogant, self-serving and generally oogie even though she was nice to me, and thus I tried to avoid her the entire evening and was really uncomfortable around her. I feel like I didn't really give her a chance at all, but on the other hand my gut tells me that I would never like her anyways and thus that I did the right thing. Was I right or wrong?

My personality disorders btw.

Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Low
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

URL of the test:
URL for more info:
( Aug. 24th, 2006 01:38 pm)
I went out yesterday. And woke up with my first totally panicky don't-know-why-I'm-scared-but-I-am-sure-I-did-sumthin'-real-stupid-last-night (fylleangst) gut feeling in the last five years. I don't think I did very stupid things, but then again I reached that point where I got really drunk, but not so drunk that I'm not aware of how silly I'm acting, and in addition to that, I told the librarian I've been drooling over the last three years that he was really cute. But that doesn't really sound so bad...I can't shake the feeling that I did something horrible yesterday, so please tell me if something happened that I can't remember people

this so cool music test )
( Jun. 20th, 2006 02:01 pm)
I love my insurance. they paid me 3100kr for my stolen purse, even though I hadn't even given them the recites yet! Woho! So now I can buy a new cell phone. Hurray!

Also, Elysium's summer party was great, lots of climbing in and out of windows, lots of fighting in the back yard, lots and lots of drinks. I loved it. This means however that I'm no longer part of the Elysium fold (I resigned as leader because I'm leaving the country). But it felt like a good goodbye party.

I keep feeling really tired even though I sleep lots. And I'm a little stressed even though I don't have nuthin to do. It's strange. But today is band practice, so I'm sure I'll get some sort of focus from that. Or whatever.

Sorry for random update, but had nothing more important to say (but sure, look at my last post, that's still important!)
I had a great time at my mothers 55 birthday party ([ profile] akselwestlund you missed a real blast of a party). She loved the gift I gave her, and we started the evening out with little pieces of food on a plate and pink champagne. Then came the most amazing assortment of tapas I've ever had, and red wine. I was not the only smoker so only a few hours later I was sitting in the dark on our porch chain smoking and discussing the things you can only discuss with someone after at least four glasses of wine, three glasses of champagne and a beer. We discussed the meaning of life if God did not exist seen from an existentialist perspective and the differences between Kafka, Suskind and Camus. It was amazing and I realized that I too wanna be the doctor in Plague(?) (Pesten by Camus), even though I still don't think Perfume by Suskind is a positive book. Then after even more drinks, we discussed the importance of rhythm in Tom Waits lyrics and the brilliance of Jetro Tull. I love being able to talk to someone who really gets what I mean when I say that I feel like I'm caught in the unbearable lightness of being (call me pretentious, but it fit at the time).

I was, however, really tired so when the party moved on to the "I'm so glad we can really talk to each other martine, because I love your parents so much and I think you're so interesting"-state, I could excuse myself an go to bed. That didn't really mean I left the party, since they were so loud that I could hear all conversation and the drunken singing, but I did finally fall asleep to lovely '70s radical songs promising revolution. Then I kept having the same dream over and over again. I dreamed I had a firing squad all pointing at me with SMG's and shooting me over and over while I was begging them to spare my face and watching my body get sprayed all over the sidewalk over and over again.
( Jun. 2nd, 2006 01:42 pm)
So, we had the whole "done with school for this year"-party and, true to form, we trashed the newly washed apartment, ruined a livingroom chair and got blasted on 5 different types of liquer. It was great. Fewer people than usual, but that was nice. It was me, [ profile] aj_stalin, [ profile] 45_hasle, [ profile] grimgram and [ profile] the_aleph who partied all night, and Julie and Sanja tried and failed to match us (Sanja cause she hadn't slept in 40 hours due to exams, Julie cause she had to get up at 5 this morning). The fact that we were only 5 people was, however, still okay because we had a fire in the garbage container right outside. Flames and everything, including two police cars and a firetruck. The police officers were really nice, we drunken idiots gave them coffee and they were still polite.
( Apr. 1st, 2006 11:10 am)
So, I'm on perscripion drugs again, lucky me, and every time I'm on Celebra (more or less the same as vioxx) I fuck up my drinking routine. I went out even though I knew I couldn't really drink, cause the pills make me very/ suseptible to alcohol. I promised myself that I'd only have one or two beers, and I kept that promise, the only problem was that the place we went to had drinks, you know, with weird colors and strange names. I couldn't help myself, and suddenly I argued other people out on the dance floor for silly-dancing, jumping around like an idiot on my hurt leg. Thank you drunkedness, now my leg hurts like hell, and I left my drugs at home before going to work...

On a happier note, me and [ profile] mirazandar went to watch V is for Vendetta on the movie theater, and it kicked ass! Amazingly cool flick everyone! It's a must-see! (And Natalie Portman is even sexier without hair)
( Aug. 13th, 2005 04:01 pm)
I've had the best birthdayparty of my life. Basically I invited everybody I know regardless of which social circles they hang with and just watched them all mingle. Truth be told I hadn't thought that many people would show up, we filled the livingroom, hallway and bedrooms, but that just made it even nicer. And I got pressies! Happy now!

The apartment looked like shit when the party was over, as it should, and I have yet to wash the cigarette-butts out of the refrigerator. That surprices me though. I can understand that people would throw cigarettes on the floor, the tables, the couches and even in bookshelves, but to actually open up a refrigerator to get rid of a burning cigarette-butt instead of just dropping it on the floor? that speaks of a logic that defies my mere earth-logic. I was also surpriced of how many people I actually didn't know who still wanted to come to my party. :) It seemed like it would never end because nomatter how many people got tired and left, new people were waiting to come. I ended up going to bed at 6, leaving a party in my livingroom. Aparently it ended at approximately 7, when the subway started running.




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