I'm here with the new hot person of the month! Check him out ladies and gents! He is lovely!

Oh, and I'm stealing [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalins idea and posting my icons alphabetically so you'll get to see them all, one by one.

This one is called "...pain is scary" and is a firefly icon.
( Feb. 27th, 2007 12:35 pm)
I am so bored
ta-tam ta-tam
Ain't got nuthin' to do
ta-tam ta-tam
You're all asstards who don't comment so fuck you
ta-tam ta-tam

I am so bored! Bored out of my scull! okay, so in just about 10 minutes I'm leaving to prepare a birthday party for one of the people working here, but that doesn't mean that the hours leading up to that amazingly thrilling job of going out and picking up cake (and yes, I'm being sarcastic here) has been fun And you guys don't comment/post enough! So there!

Anyways, it's snowing outside and I've uploaded loads of new icons. Go see! Go see! (Oh, and comment, I love comments. Plus, I'm bored)

Also, new Hot person of the month! Sad to see you go Jensen...
and I think you all know who it will be, but hey, still go check him out. He is after all the yummiest!

( Nov. 13th, 2006 10:33 pm)
New hot person of the month. Can you guess who I'd put there? Come on, go look. You know you want to!

On a different note; life sucks! I got a cold. I can't go to work tomorrow and I lose money because of it. The only redeeming factor is that I have a beautiful person sitting next to me. You know of whom I speak right? Also, I won't be alone tomorrow when I'm all sick and horribly pasty, since [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin is home from work as well.
( Oct. 19th, 2006 08:43 am)
I finally posted something on my bio (Aksel, you should be proud). :) It's a little bit more faghagy than I usually go for, but hey, it was just that kind of day.

Other news, my job is going great. Too bad it's only for a couple of weeks cause I really like it here. *fingers crossed for the continued misfortune of whoever it is I'm replacing*

Yesterday I played the first session of a new rpg campaign; Deadlands. It was fun, but I still haven't gotten the feel of my new character yet. A few more sessions and I'll probably love her like no other.

The guy sitting next to me watching the counter looks kinda scary. The last guy was done with his shift yesterday, and the new guy hardly smiles. Maybe he's nice, but he looks big, strong and maybe mean. Also, he reads VG and sighed when I asked if I could borrow the Sports section even though he was done reading it.




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