( May. 3rd, 2009 12:17 pm)
When I got out of bed this morning, my hair looked wonderful. It was slightly curly, very big and looked as if I'd spent about an hour fixing it. So I decided to just leave it like that for the rest of the day and chose clothes to match my awesome hairdo.

By the time I reached work, my hair had fallen down, no more curls. Now it just looks like I'm a filthy hippie who don't believe in brushes...

In my experience, no.

Then again, that could be because I went to the local hairdresser and asked if he could cut my hair and make me blond and he said yes, and then ruined it. Now, I know you all know me, and know that I am a shallow person who might exaggerate the horror that is my hair, but I swear to you, with the people who've seen the hair as witnesses, that it is a horror show.

First, he did his absolute best to make my hair blond. It turned out orange with a hint of (read: lots of long patches of) green. In his panic I believe the man decided that if he just didn't ask me but started hacking at my hair like a crazy person until all the green parts were out, I'd be happy. This of course means that not only did I get orange hair. I got short, ugly orange hair. I was so ugly that people pointedly did not stare at me. A child had to be pulled along by it's mother because it was staring so hard at my head it forgot to keep walking, people started touching their own hair as I walked by as if they just wanted to make sure it was still there. But I held my head high (or, you know, realized that the hair was to pointedly ugly to be hid behind a hat so I had no choice) and met [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin in the city center and bought a different blond color. She helped me dye it, and now, I've got blond hair (as opposed to orange and green hair which frankly, nobody would ever want).

My hairdo is still butt ugly, and my hair now has the texture of hay, but hey, it'll take a couple of months to grow out again and hopefully, it'll get better. Now at least I'll try out this blond-thing for a little while before giving it up.




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