I've only just unpacked my bags from the larpconvention I attend almost every year and now I'm packing again. This time to go to Bologna with my mom. We usually take a trip together every other year and this time we decided it'd be to a place with a bit more sun and heat than Norway (even though we're not complaining about the spring weather here, after all it is pretty awesome as well). In my head I'm already drinking coffee at a small sidewalk cafe and writing on my laptop. Which I think I'll bring. I didn't bring it to the convention and I bitterly regretted it, and I think I feel inspiration calling (or it could be the wine, I never can tell) so I might actually get some writing done even though it's my vacation.

So this is it folks *waves* See you next week!
I'm spending christmas with my family. My heart is with you guys (limminel) who didn't get home in time! But, more imporantly, my christmas rocks! We're only the four of us (me, one of my brothers, mum and dad) but we're having great fun. All the pressies are opened and we're taking turns listening to the cd's we've got. So far, christmas dinner was awsome, I was eating pork tenderloin potatoes and sauce, officially the best christmasfood ever! I got an Ipod and the new Tom Waits album! And it is awsome! Awsome I tell you! This year's christmas drink (gin and tonic with a slice of cucumber) on the other hand, was questionable. I think I'll stick with aquavite and beer, but still, it matched the enormous amount of posing for pictures we've done...

to the norwegians:

Mens jeg så på "Reisen til Julestjernen" i dag begynte jeg å tenke på hvordan den historien ville vært hvis den var skrevet av Hanne Ørstavik. Her er mitt (skrevet på en halvtime og ikke gjennomleste) utkast til denne novellen.

Reisen til julestjernen -en julefortelling av Hanne Ørstavik )

Merry christmas everyone!
[livejournal.com profile] chesire_monkey gave me this thanksgiving greeting that totally melted my otherwise ice-cold heart:

Thank you martinemonster for your adventurousness and zest for living life to its fullest.

You are just the cutest! *hearts*

In other news, my feet hurt like hell and I´m only halfway through my day. The reason for this is that I went directly to Holmestrand after work yesterday, to travle on to Tønsberg and do some shopping with my mom. Naturally we stayed up late drinking wine afterwards (and oh,did I get some really pretty clothes), and then I had to get up an hour earlier this morning to get to work from Holmestrand instead of from Oslo (the city where I actually work). And now I´m really tired...

I did, however, find a really interesting Australian article about larping that on several occations referenced the book I have published an article in (Dissecting Larp from 2005). Even though my article never got cited directly, that means that someone studying larping and game-theory will be more likely to pick up that book of articles and then also read mine. So hurray for that.

And the article is actually interesting in that, "this is a new field of study and we need to lay the groundwork for further study"-kind of way!

Read the article here:

I had a great time at my mothers 55 birthday party ([livejournal.com profile] akselwestlund you missed a real blast of a party). She loved the gift I gave her, and we started the evening out with little pieces of food on a plate and pink champagne. Then came the most amazing assortment of tapas I've ever had, and red wine. I was not the only smoker so only a few hours later I was sitting in the dark on our porch chain smoking and discussing the things you can only discuss with someone after at least four glasses of wine, three glasses of champagne and a beer. We discussed the meaning of life if God did not exist seen from an existentialist perspective and the differences between Kafka, Suskind and Camus. It was amazing and I realized that I too wanna be the doctor in Plague(?) (Pesten by Camus), even though I still don't think Perfume by Suskind is a positive book. Then after even more drinks, we discussed the importance of rhythm in Tom Waits lyrics and the brilliance of Jetro Tull. I love being able to talk to someone who really gets what I mean when I say that I feel like I'm caught in the unbearable lightness of being (call me pretentious, but it fit at the time).

I was, however, really tired so when the party moved on to the "I'm so glad we can really talk to each other martine, because I love your parents so much and I think you're so interesting"-state, I could excuse myself an go to bed. That didn't really mean I left the party, since they were so loud that I could hear all conversation and the drunken singing, but I did finally fall asleep to lovely '70s radical songs promising revolution. Then I kept having the same dream over and over again. I dreamed I had a firing squad all pointing at me with SMG's and shooting me over and over while I was begging them to spare my face and watching my body get sprayed all over the sidewalk over and over again.
( May. 14th, 2006 12:35 pm)
The umphteenth guy asked me if we had a computerized system for our pornos so that I could check whether or not we have this or that specific movie. Why can't they get that the only way we could have that would be if we had structure? I mean, what do they expect? For your information, we did try it once, but it fucked up in a matter of days and we were back to having no idea what movies we had, except that we had to do four more things before we could put the pornos in the shelves. It took several weeks before the project was abandoned, but then there was much rejoicing.

Also, my mom came by the store today. She was great about it, gave me the things she had to give me, took a quick look around, and said: "I'm glad I could come by before you quit cause I wanted to see where you worked". I love my mom. I however, was very much embarrassed. I mean, sex toys and my mom just don't mesh, you know? Of course it was a little extra embarrassing when she asked what was in the basement, but when I told her it was pornos she didn't even seem surprised. I guess my mom understands more than I tell her...




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