And here's the actual video. Warning, the sound is pretty scrambled, but at least it's the song that went okay before the horror of the Bergen concert, so we pretty much play decently in this song I guess. Even though I was so sick/nervous that I figured out that I had to choose between moving around looking cool and actually playing halfway decently. As you can see I chose to try and actually play the songs rather than look good. Next time, I'm gonna try it the other way around ;)

Watch it here:

This icon is called: "crash"
( May. 10th, 2007 01:18 am)
Okay, so it's short, and only a video of us getting ready to play. But I promise you that in a few days time you'll also get to hear parts of the worst concert I've ever played. Though you shouldn't judge us on this experience alone, it's still neat to see us live.

Watch it here:

This icon is called "cookies" and is one of my personal favourites!
( Feb. 27th, 2007 11:57 am)
I think I still might be just a little bit sick. I went to yoga yesterday and today, my entire body hurts. This could just be a good side-effect of the yoga, but I seem to remember myself being a little less beat last time. Plus, this morning (after going to bed and falling asleep at 11 *shocked* and thus sleeping for almost 8 hours) I overslept and felt generally really tired. Thus, I had to run for the tram to work not that that made the stupid tram wait for me, it just drove off into the sunrise leaving me all alone on the station and late for work and then literally gulp for air after that 30 meter run. Yeah, that's right, my lungs are still not working.

Now, I'm at work, dead tired and alone as the only secretary. Not that that means I'm swamped, but it means I have stuff to do. I have to skip band practice today even, because I feel like I'm going to fall asleep right here. Well, at least I have coffeinated beverages, so I guess I'll be awake, if not okay.

[ profile] 45hasle: BSG and dinner when I get home from work?
Or actually, I'm still sick, but I thought I'd call in and let you all know how I'm doing. I've just seen one of the more gay movies in my life! The Producers: Keep it happy! Keep it snappy! Keep it gay! (unquote) And I've seen Slither, and a whole bunch of other stuff since I'm sofa bound and sick.

I did however, venture out the door yesterday to record Section 2's demo, cause we only had this weekend as our studio time and frankly, we've already postphoned this once and I didn't want to be the reason for us doing it a second time. It was fun (and tiring), and I went straight back to bed afterwards so we managed to record two songs (decently). they're not perfect, but at least it means you guys can get a feel of what kind of music we play. I can't wait for you guys to hear it! :)

Tomorrow I'll be going home to my parents, who will nurture me back to health by Wednesday since I'm going to London on Thursday to see the premiere of Equus, which will be legendary! I'll miss you [ profile] aj_stalin! *kisses*

Yeah, that's it everybody! I've done nothing but stay at home, nurturing myself, and venturing out for short walks to the store and getting strange looks and questions. Mostly because my cough is ugly and sometimes there's spew. It's pretty gruesome. The pretty lady at the store (who I'd like to impress, not with my spewing abilities, but with my wit and humor) asked if I was okay since it apparently looked like I'd been crying, and a guy outside the store asked if I was okay, and when I nodded and smiled, enquired again if there was any way he could help me. It's a little freaky, I mean, I didn't think I looked that bad, but hey, what can you do? (Stay in, apparently)
Yeah, that's right, I am a little slow on the uptake, but this is my band's myspace profile:

Go check it out everybody! It is awsome (or alright so far, but still)
So, it's Friday. I slept so well last night. I had a nightmare where one of the people at work was secretly stealing everybody's life force and of course it was up to me to stop it. But even though it was all dark corridors and scary sounds, I woke up feeling like I'd had the deepest, best sleep of my life. Thanks for letting me sleep in your bed [ profile] aj_stalin *hearts*

Unfortunately, that didn't save me from feeling very tired, so I went to sleep on the tram to work, thinking I'd be safe sleeping for those 20 minutes. I had, however, taken the tram from a different stop than I use to, so I woke up 20 minutes later (without an alarm I might add, go me), but by that time I was about 2 stops after my destination and I spent 10 minutes walking to work...doh! Here, I'm the queen of productiveness and will soon get back to work after my extended lunch break.

What I really wanted to tell you about though is my recent buys of awsomeness!

Everybody, this is Pia, my 15 watts Fender Frontman. Isn't she gorgeous? Also, she had amazing sound for her size. Loving her already

And this is Finn, the used gitar I bought from Halvard [ profile] aj_stalin s ex.

Okay, so I couldn't find a picture, but he is gorgeous too and I love him.

I also bought a chromatic tuner (at a very reasonable price I might add) and a new set of strings for Finn. Good buys and good times. Going to practice before going out tonight. *exited*

oh, and some memes for your enjoyment )
Tom Waits have just made another album. When I´m broke. I´m thinking of adding it to my christmas wishlist, but I really want it, like, right now.

I also watched the entire first season of Carnivale in one go yesterday, first with [ profile] mirazandar, Ellen and [ profile] aj_stalin, but in the end it was only me and aj. Safe to say it is one of the more brilliant shows in the history of series. It must however, also be mentioned that it is creepy like hell! The last few episodes I was trying to gently crush [ profile] aj_stalin`s hand with my own sitting on my couch curled up like a little ball. I ended up sleeping in her bed because we were both too freaked out to sleep alone. [ profile] akselwestlund, you could have warned me that the last two episodes are scarier than episodes 5 and 6 when I told you I had nightmares from those! I blame you for 3hours sleep last night and much fright. Luckily, I´ve already downloaded the second season, so there´s no need to go worry about the major cliffhanger they put in at the end. Everybody watch this show!

This Saturday was also amazing, but I will let [ profile] aj_stalin tell you the details. All I´m going to say is that it included [ profile] mirazandar, a nice birthdayparty, cake, alcohol and in the end lovely, lovely gay innuendo. Thank you [ profile] grimgram! ;)
( Nov. 10th, 2006 02:10 pm)
I love the way Placebo continues to amaze me and re-invent themselves in a way that makes me love them more. The last two albums I´ve bought, listened to, been disappointed by, and then amazed by the second hearing. First it was Sleeping with ghosts, where I felt they´d become too much like an electronica band, till of course I was proven wrong by the eleganse and amazingness of the album. This time Meds was a huge disappointment to me, till I was supposed to show a friend of mine how this album could not compete with the previous ones, and was amazed at the brilliance of it, yet again. This album grabs hold of your insides and twists them, in a good way. And Post Blue is perhaps the sexiest song in the history of the world. I am in such a happy Placebo mood for the time being that I can´t stop smiling. Can´t wait to be done working so I can go home and listen to the album. Hurray! I recommend it to the world!

Be shiny folks!
I just realized that the skin on the fingertips of my left hand have gotten hard. I've got gitar fingers. On the one hand it shows that I've been practicing more, and that's gotta be good for my general performance. But on the other, it means that the skin on my fingertips is no longer soft. So far I've been able to avoid gitar fingers by pure luck alone (and avoiding excessive practicing), but now it has happened. hmmm...

Watched an amazing movie last night. Forbidden planet. Do you have it in your collection [ profile] mirazandar? Girl in skimpy clothing, a brave captain and an evil doctor named Morticus (or some such). Also, the proud race of krells...Amazing. What I loved the most however, was the music. Or perhaps background noice would be more accurate. Beeping, owiowiowiing and generally everything the 50s could think sounded futuristic.

Getting back to work now...
My weekend was great! Only thing bringing it down was that we had a band practise that I didn't know about (since my cell's been stolen) and when they finally got a hold of me, through various sources, I was 2hrs by car away from Oslo and said band practice. So that sucked, but aside from that, I had a lovely time. We went swimming (cold as hell, but fun), we barbequed, we played tons of rpg (mostly starcraft rpg and wheel of time rpg), and we played around with soft guns. All in all, a great trip! :)

memememe )
My decent into total geekness has now been confirmed. Usually, when I quiz, I am blissfully happy if my team does not lose. My standing record was 6th place. Not anymore! This time, it was goth-quiz, and suddenly my team was at a whooping second place. My knowledge of trivia in certain areas finally came to use.

As you probably understood, I was out yesterday. met all the people I haven't met in ages, drank more than I have in ages and talked about all the things I haven't talked about in a while. This guy I know told me he was going to become NRKs food expert (ernæringsekspert) and when that happened he'd have the whole country worshipping me as the chocolate goddess. Which is very sweet. :)

We started a band, me, skurr and two other girls. We, Slippery nipples, are going to be great. only one practice and we already have half a song. I'm happy! We're going to kick ass!

And here I am at work again, looking at sexy pictures of myself on fetish divas and trying to convince myself that I should be working. A woman just came in with her 9yrs old daughter. The little girl picked out one of the larger dildos and asked: Mommy, what's this? I love watching people sweat... ;)




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