I have just eaten the most awesome thing ever:

That's right! I fried bacon, I put it in the oven with cheese and I rolled it up and ate it. Oh my dear God it was the single most awesome meal I've ever had. Now I'm full, and very happy.

(I might have differed from the recipe some. I used 150g bacon, 50g mozarella cheese and 30g of feta...but it was still pure awesome!)
*waves at flist*

I don't think I've ever been this excited about Christmas. It is weird, but very time I walk past a tacky fake Christmas tree or light ornaments my tummy gets this warm, comfy feeling inside and I start dreaming about Christmas. The cakes, the food, the gløgg, the snow, the Christmas trees, the presents. I've decided to force my office to partake in this inflated holiday cheer by buying red candles and gløgg and Christmas cookies to serve to the patients.

So how about you guys? Are you looking forward to Christmas? What holiday traditions do you love/hate? What are you most excited about?
I am one of those people who hate soppy love posts on lj. I feel that if people need to express that level of emotion, they should do so privately, and not spam the rest of us will cutesy and annoying posts. But sometimes even a hard-as-nails woman like myself has to cave and make a post that is solely a soppy love post to a loved one:


ICA is a grocery store chain in Norway (first based in Sweden I believe, but that is of no importance to me) that provides me with the food I need. It is not the cheapest store, it does not have the charming clerks of my old and beloved Bunnpris Sinsen, but it has a selection of foods like no other store close to my apartment. Today, it provided me with a perfectly ripe mango and a packet of already peeled pistachios. It doesn't get closer to heaven than that.

So ICA, I just have to write this post to tell you that you make my world a bit better every day. Without you I would indeed be a sad panda.
( Oct. 9th, 2008 10:35 pm)
So, did I tell you guys that I hurt my knee last week? I did. It´s swollen and hurts a lot. I of course went to my trusted boss and asked what to do, and he told me to ice it for two weeks and to needle it. That´s right, I was supposed to dry-needle acupuncture myself.

And I fucking did it. I stabbed myself repeatedly with sharp needles and sat there in pain. I feel like the most bad ass person ever.
( Sep. 15th, 2008 08:41 pm)
There is a lot of good stuff happening in my life right now. So much, in fact, that I can't seem to have enough time to savor it. I'm really happy that I took a year off from studies because I love my job, my boss, my patients, my free treatments and the KunTao that I train in the back of the clinic. At the same time, that leaves little room for anything else in my life right now. I get there before 9 in the morning, and usually don't leave until after eight. So much for my relaxing year off, right? But at least I'm getting healthy.

I missed two birthday parties I really wanted to go to because I was so busy moving I forgot to check which week it was. This should tell you something about how much is going on. On the plus side, this resulted in me fully moving out of Sinsenterrassen (I washed my room on Sunday and when I turned off the light and closed the door I almost cried), but it still means that I didn't get to hang out with a bunch of people I really wanted to meet again. I'll miss casa Hasle-Svanevik with everything it entails of parties and quiet evenings with tv-shows, but I'm very happy that I'm here in my new apartment. It's kinda scary to be sharing a room with someone though. Then again, the boyfriend manages to sit quietly next to me while I blog without interfering or talking too much (*hearts him*).
( May. 13th, 2008 01:11 am)
[livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin asked if I wanted to join her at Skuret tonight and see Hank and Mari perform. Seeing as I have no idea who these new, fresh, spitzy hip hop people are, and since I´m working my ass off trying to pass my exams this year, I of course said yes and went there with her.

And it was awesome.

We had weird shots, and listened to a lot of hip hop, and talked, and had fun, and basically it was exactly what I needed to get my mind off my studying for a few hours. So tonight was a success and hopefully I´ll be able to make up for lost time tomorrow morning.

Update: I didn't make up for lost time. But I'm here. Staring at the screen. Writing stuff (in theory).
( May. 6th, 2008 09:01 am)
[livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin wanted us all to go back through our lj´s and honestly review it, then pick out the dullest post and repost it here. I tried, but what I realized was that every year around exams, my lj gets swamped in "I´m stressed out and unfocused" posts that are all equally dull. I cannot decide. They all suck.

Instead, I´m going to re-post my review of this year´s new year´s celebration. It made me feel all fluffy and warm inside. To all you people I´ve been neglecting due to too much work; I still love you guys and will resurface as soon as I´m done!

new year´s eve love )
I was sitting on the floor, reading my flist, when I stumbled over this post by [livejournal.com profile] marabelljade Since our flists do not mix and match at all, and since I laughed so hard I almost spilled coffee out my nose, I thought I´d spread the list to you guys. Enjoy:

There is a distressing tendency in adventure fiction for the Hero's True Love to be nothing more than a trophy. She gives the hero something to aspire for, and gives the Evil Overlord someone to use as a hostage, but that's it. In the typical story she spends most of her time waiting around for the Hero to rescue her. If she had some kind of useful skill, she might be able to avoid capture, or effect her own escape in a way that does not depend on womanly wiles. The True Love is that category of protagonist whose main role is that of love interest for the hero or heroine. This does not preclude military skills, but then again it doesn't preclude the True Love from being an architect, painter, chef, house husband, etc.

guidelines for harmonious living )
( Mar. 6th, 2008 10:15 am)
Breaking news right now is that there was an attempted robbery of a convenience store in Oslo City Center this morning. The masked robbers were armed with machine guns, baseball bats and knives, and are now chased through the city by cops with dogs and helicopters. The robbers were interrupted and did not get anything from the store.

Who could be brave/barsk enough to stop these robbers you ask? Well, it was the cleaner of the store that interrupted them in the attempt.

Let's go over that again: 4 robbers, armed with machine guns, baseball bats and knives were chased off by a lone washing lady armed with a mop. Do you guys know what this means? Steven Seagal lives in Oslo. I mean, don't tell me an ordinary washing lady could do that? S/he'd have to be ex-navy seal at least. My very politically uncorrect guess is that Norway, true to form, have taken in a refugee who's a trained ex-soldier, probably with an ph.d. in something awesome, and refused to acknowledge his/her education. Thus s/he, one of the great minds of today and an expert fighter, has to work as a washing lady for a convenience store. Finally, his/her moment is here and s/he got to save the store armed only with a mop against a rather small horde of armed robbers. I hope s/he makes employee of the month.
I was reading old newspapers, looking for Norwegian views on American aid after 2WW when I stumbled upon this title: "Sadism for children". Not being one to focus too much on what I'm actually supposed to be doing, I didn't even try to resist the urge to read this little snippet, thinking anything with sadism and children in it had to be awesome. And it was. Turns out children's books of the 1950s are very different than ours. A "poor naive father" had bought a book for his sick child and was shocked and dismayed by the horrible tales in it. "Oh, well," I thought. "This is the 1950s, it can't be that bad." Then he added a quote. A rabbit who got it's head torn off in a trap jumps after a little boy, chasing him down, pins him down and yells: "you made me lose my head, now I'm gonna tear off your skin." The rabbit then promptly does this, and it's all described in great detail. Now I don't know what kind of children's books you read, but I can assure you that mine did not include giant, headless rabbits tearing people's skins off while they're trying to get away...
First day here at the national library in Oslo. And it is awesome! I'm reading old newspapers, and taking notes. So far it's going rather slowly, and I think I might be reading too much and not focusing enough on the fact that I'm supposed to look for opinions on and reactions to the Marshall plan and not anything with the US in it, but I'm sure I'm gonna be able to work faster once I've had a bit of training. The important part is that this is fun!

On another note, I think we should all be allowed to bring drinks in here. I know, I know, my clumsiness and old newspapers on microfilm is already a lethal combo, and adding drinks to the mixture would just be tempting fate, but I'm really really thirsty and don't want to have to go 3 floors down to get my bottled water, then walk up again only to be thirsty in another 30 minutes.

Anyways, back to work!
I passed! I so passed! I would even go so far as to say that I almost nailed it! Wish I'd have said some things I didn't, forgot one article, but basically they gave me lots of praise and smiles. So awesome!

Then I picked up my next exam assignment and realized that if it had been a written exam I would have failed, because I really need to sit down and re-read the curriculum to answer this one. But hey, I have a week to prepare. See me preparing!
( Dec. 1st, 2007 04:03 pm)
And it was awesome! :D

We were home at about half past four, I slept the daylight away today and is still not sure where my cellphone is. Hopefully no one has tried to contact me today.

Now, I'm gonna try and muster the courage to actually clean the apartment before I go over to [livejournal.com profile] aj_stalin's. I think where're going to have a "girls night in" tonight. With fangirl squeeing and (hopefully) chocolate cake (if I can find the recipe and actually have all the ingredients and can be bothered to bake after cleaning the apartment. Seriously guys, this place looks like it's already been rummaged through by Mr Croup and Mr. Vandemaar looking for something important.)

Also, here are some pics from my travels in the US! I figured, now that we're closing in on christmas and I've yet to post them this will be as good a time as any.

pictures! )
Ever have one of those weeks where you've been looking forward to wearing your awesome outfit the whole week (see icon) and dreamed of how much fun the weekend was going to be after you dress up in said outfit and then realize when Friday's finally here that you're really just tired enough that you sorta wished it was Thursday so you could stay in?

We who live in one of the worlds most awesome cities have a right, nay; an obligation to go out and do legendary stuff (or at least try, fail and get drunk instead).

And yet I feel so tired after the first week of finals that I want to curl up on the couch with a glass of whisky and a nice movie instead.

But I will not fail you Oslo. I will be there tonight. And it will rock!
So, here I am, mulit-tasking. I’m a multi-tasking genius! That is, I can both update my journal, chat with [Bad username or site: ”mirazandar” @ livejournal.com], take tests, read my flist and work at my work (doing actual stuff for once). Am I not good? I think I’m good!

I’m still struggling with this stupid illness, so now I’m trying to reach my doctor to go nag at him till he finds out how to fix me. Preferably in a couple of days since we’re all going skiing with my job on Monday, and I don’t wanna be the amazing slime-ball when that happens.

Me, Sissel and Aina are going out this Friday. Feel free to join us *nudge nudge*


I’m a dragon! I’m a dragon! I’m a dragon! *squee*!
informational subtext behind the cut. Come on, go see, you know you want to…

”memeorama” )
( Mar. 2nd, 2007 12:21 pm)
You guys have to see this:

You'll die from a Heart Attack during Sex.

Your a lover not a fighter but sadly, in the act of making love your heart will stop. But what a way to go.

'How will you die?' at QuizGalaxy.com




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