So, I'm trying to figure out this dreamwidth stuff that everyone's talking about, and so far I think I've managed to get it to automatically crosspost my entries from here, but when I tried to import my journal, it keeps saying "invalid username". So, what's my username on lj?

Update: Strike that. I did not manage to get it to automatically crosspost. Help someone?

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Hi - random commenter here from an Icerocket ( search for "dreamwidth". :)

You won't be able to get Dreamwidth to automatically pick up new posts from LJ; the way it works is that it crossposts *to* LJ when you post at DW. You also need to make sure that both the "Crosspost this entry" tickbox and the actual account box are both ticked when you post on; it's not enough to just have the account one ticked.

As for the importing problem, how exactly are you trying to do it?

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Excellent! Thanks for your help.

My attempt was: I went here:, I said my username was martinemonster and gave my password. That's it. It said the username was wrong. I tried again using as the username. Same message.

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I know this sounds like an obvious question, but you didn't mention doing it, so: Did you select "LiveJournal" as the service to import from on the page where you enter your username and password? (as opposed to leaving it blank or accidentally clicking another service)

(really sorry if it sounds obvious, but I'm just checking all possibilities here)

Assuming you did, then that does sound weird. What was the exact error message you got? (copy and paste)

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"Your import has failed to import.
XMLRPC failure: Invalid username

This was failure #4."

And yes, I did select "livejournal". :)

Any tips?



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