I've been studying for enough years now to know my habits pretty well. When exams are approching and it's time for crunch, first my flight or fight instinct kicks in and I start dreaming of going to far off places; bicycling to India, jumping on a plane without checking the destination, you get the picture. This year, I offset this by deciding to go with my parents to New York in the fall.

The trouble with me, however, is that when I offset the need to be elsewhere by actually planning something, my brain instantly switches over to procrastrination mode and starts looking for a project. This can only be offset by there not being any viable projects that I actually want to do.

One such easily countered potential project was the reorganizing of my wardrobe. It entails moving the shelves and is basically deemed too much trouble. Therefore I could go back to reading. But then I looked out on my terrasse. It was basically undecorated, with old, white patio furniture which showed signs of aging. And I know it couldn't be that much trouble to buy new furniture and, more importantly, the reward this project would be clearly visible and almost instant. My brain started bubbling with ideas. And the minute that happens, it's too late. Nomatter how much I try to focus on my curriculum after that point, it just can't be done. So yesterday, I re-furnished my terrasse.

That's my new tree, Leifine.

This is my new furniture, isn't it pretty?

And this is just at a different angel.

You are all invited to see it in person of course. I promise it's awesome!

From: [identity profile] operafantomet.livejournal.com

OMG.... My life in a nutshell... wanting and planning to do everything else when exams are coming up, mind getting overly creative, just HAVE to start a new project... Oh, I so see where you're coming from!

But nice result!

From: [identity profile] martinemonster.livejournal.com

Good to know I'm not the only one. And thanks! :)

(Plus, it made me very happy when I was done. I kept smiling all evening)

From: [identity profile] naughty-inside.livejournal.com

i know the feeling.... I was rearranging the subjects I have in my Bachelor to get the best GPA yesterday.

And today I started watching Brittain's got Talent.

And now I really feel like starting to sew the dress for a wedding this summer,.....

From: [identity profile] martinemonster.livejournal.com

Yup, sounds about right. ;)

At least my project now allows me to sit out on the terrasse and read for my exam. *proud*

From: [identity profile] coldbeans.livejournal.com

It looks fabulous! I'll try to stop by one day when I'm not stuck in the study hall =)

From: [identity profile] martinemonster.livejournal.com

Yay! Any time after the 26th and I'll be acting like a human too. (Now, I'm a little weird all the time from trying to cram too much knowledge into my head)
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From: [identity profile] vito-excalibur.livejournal.com

Actually, it's balcony!

But it looks lovely! I like the furniture.

And yes, I do the exact same thing with the projects. I have finals? Clearly it is time to learn a new juggling trick!

From: [identity profile] martinemonster.livejournal.com

Cool. I was trying to think of that word. In Norwegian it's "veranda" as opposed to "terrasse" (which is spelled terrace in American, obviously...I only need to be told once)

From: [identity profile] martinemonster.livejournal.com

Thanks! I miss having automatic spellchecking on my computer...



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