I'm so hungry today. Not sure why, but I keep eating reasonable portions of food and still being hungry. And, since I have such a lovely schedule, I'm never in a position to get more food after I figure out I'm still hungry (about 30minutes after I eat). Blargh!

From: [identity profile] myrsnipa.livejournal.com

me too!
only I eat 60% healthy food and 40% crap. This is why I exercise, I like crap. :D

From: [identity profile] martinemonster.livejournal.com

I love crap! (I'm just trying to actually lose weight, and eating healthy helps more than working out, though I do both)

From: [identity profile] myrsnipa.livejournal.com

My plan is just to not get majorly fat, hence the working out. If I were to eat only healthy food, tere would be no need to work out ;)



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